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Creating usernames for students

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Shad Wachter

I am a technology literacy teacher and will be introducing all students (grades 3-5) to Scratch.  Does anyone have suggestions for naming conventions when having students create their Scratch 2.0 accounts?  We would like to be able to identify the students' projects by name as they are added to Studios.  Any and all suggestions are welcome.


Thank You!

Michelle Choi

Hi Shad,

I think there are different options depending on what you're looking for. Some examples I've seen educators use is a school name + anonymous student number convention such as SchoolName1, SchoolName2, or SchoolName_Student1, SchoolName_Student2. You might also have each student create a profile using their name, for example, SchoolName_StudentName (ie: RydellHigh_MichelleC).

Have you considered students creating their own usernames? It be nice if students could design and personalize their own account name, especially if you expect that students might want to continue working on Scratch projects beyond the class. You could then record their Scratch profile names in order to keep track of their work or add them to a class studio.

I hope that helps.

Michelle Chung, on behalf of the ScratchEd Team