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guidance about logo-like projects

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Roberto Catanuto


i know many logo inspired activities are on their way using scratch, so i am sorry for those listening to this post who are already very experienced about this approach;

but those project are so many i need your opinion to choose which of them are most suitable for this kind of course (and especially which are the most already tested):

- participants are first middle school grade (age 10-11)

- no previous experience with programming but great interest to learn it

- the course should be divided into small learning units, each having a clear and meaningful goal

- the course is 30 hours long, each lab activity lasts for 2 hours

- finally, i'd like to share the learning results of this course: the projects built by the students will go on scratch site but i'd like to share in a more formal and detailed way the pedagogical outcomes, if anyone is interested;

- the first lesson will be next thursday, the entire course will end on late may


thank you in advance

Karen Randall

Is the object of the course to use Scratch to introduce programming to kids? 

If so, the list of programming concepts might give you an organizational tool.  You could help the kids think about the concept and use it in a project of their choice.

A link about reasons to use Scratch for teaching computer science, in case you haven't seen it: