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help with my teaching problems :)

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Danny Laufer
I've been teaching with scratch for a number of years now.  In my Hebrew school I have started an open ended multi media newsletter type project.
Kids have made games.
Kids have written articles.
Kids have taken pictures.
Kids have made movies.
I'd like to integrate all of these into one "school news" program.
Currently I am having work on 4 different computers. Some of them are using scratch off line. Some of them are working on my online account.  
Some of them are working on their own scratch accounts.  

I'd like to collect up all these projects and integrate them into one final product I can present to parents.

Any ideas?
What should I be doing differently to make my life easier for myself?
Also, can I share what we have so far with my students...but not publish it to everyone is in rough draft form.

Thanks for your help!
Ingrid Gustafson
Hi Danny,

Could you have all the final projects uploaded online and added to a Studio? That way you could have a Studio for each issue of the newsletter? If you know the student accounts, you could add them as curators the studio so they can add their projects in there.

The only way you can share a scratch project is to have it published/public and there are a lot of projects on the Scratch website that are in draft form, so I think that's fine! You could even make a note that it is a draft in the description field.

Also good luck!

Joe Druskin
Hi Danny,

This sounds fantastic! I have several random thoughts, most of which you  may ahve already considered.

It sounds like some students have access to your account username and password. Projects could be stored there in draft form for others to view and modify. Another possibility would be to create a classroom account and have students share accounts by project where they could collaborate on drafts and you would have access as well.

Could you upload all the scratch projects into one "Newletter" studio in your online account when you are ready to publish?

I wonder if a Google doc with links to projects could work in some way.

Some of the projects might be able to be recorded and shared as videos, too. Not the games I'm guessing but maybe the animations?

Good luck!