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How do you handle the new GDPR vs.Scratch in EU?

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Anders Berggren
Anyone from EU (or Scratchteam) having an idea how we should handle the new GDPR, (The General Data Protection Regulation) with Scratch? In Sweden we are supposed to sign an agreement with Scratch to handle teachers/students personal data. I don´t know how other countries in EU are thinking about GDPR. 

It would be grateful if someone have any good advice. Maybe we are overreacting...

Could I sign an agreement with Scratch for a whole municipality or a school?

Anders Berggren
Laura Peters
Hi Anders,

This is the official message from the Scratch Team at MIT regarding Scratch and GDPR:

Thanks for contacting us about this.  We care deeply about privacy and security at Scratch, and we have recently updated our Privacy Policy to explain what data we collect and how we use it. 
Scratch is a free educational product, and we are not in a position to sign contractual guarantees with each organization that uses it. Information about Scratch’s policies and practices as outlined on our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and we consider these documents to act as contracts between Scratch and the people who use Scratch. 
If you’d prefer your users not to provide any personal information, you may want to consider using the Scratch offline editor, which does not collect any personal information.

I hope this helps!

-Laura, from the ScratchEd Team
Alexa Kutler
Hi Anders,
There is currently a thread on the Scratch discussion boards here, but there are not any formal answers as of right now. We will look into this further and keep you posted.