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How do you share your Scratch experiences?

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Susan Ettenheim
How do you share your Scratch experiences?
What do you think is the best way to share them?
Do you use the new "Record and Export Video" feature in Scratch?
How are you sharing your videos?
If you haven't yet shared your Scratch experiences, do you have some ideas of how you'd like to share?

We are asking because we are doing a workshop at Scratch@MIT2016 about using the new video feature to share and we'd like to share your thoughts at the workshop and have workshop people come here and share thoughts with you. We want to start this conversation and keep it based here in the Scratch community forums.

From susanettenheim and LiFaytheGoblin
Kaywin Cottle
I am just getting started but I plan to have my students share and comment on projects in our Google Classroom.
Sandy Coleman
Like Andrea, I have always shared my students projects to class/project studios.  With 5th grade classes, for the last few years I have been hosting in my lab an Arcade night, inwhich we invite the entire school and families.  The arcade is made up of all student created video games.  It's a lot of fun and the students are always so excited to see thier friends and family playing thier games.  
Andrea Wilson Vazquez
Hi Susan, 

I work in an elementary school, and we currently have students share their projects and then add them to class studios.  I am looking forward to trying out the "Record & Export Video" option as an alternative way of sharing student projects for a few reasons:
  • students under 13 need to confirm their accounts before sharing and this can be tricky with parent/guardian emails
  • students in our district have iPads and if we post the videos to our school or individual class YouTube channels, the projects will be viewable from any device
Of course, the drawback to the recorded video of projects is that it removes the interactive component from the projects.  But, in some situations, such as those listed above, I think the benefits could outweigh the drawbacks!

Best of luck with your upcoming presentation!  Would you be willing to share your slide deck afterwards?