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How much screen time?

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Tim Kelly

Hi - New here and I'm setting up a Scratch club at my kid's elementary and I need to make a PTA presentation. Something I can't find that I'm sure would come up: What is the recommened screen time for kids of various ages? Recommendations I read suggest purely on the basis of not letting a computer become a babay sitter, but if a kid is actually using is as a learning tool, are there recomendations on how much screen time a kid should get (assuming they are other wise well adjusted and getting proper exercise and social activity).  Is there any general recomendation I could give to parents?




Ai Boon Tan

Hi Tim,

When I was conducting my classes, each class was about 2 hours long. However, the kids were generally able to finish in about 1 hour 45 minutes. It is also possible to do a one hour lesson if you don't want to pack too much material in the lesson.

As for adequate screen time, perhaps forty minutes to one hour (play time) max a day for children below 11 years. You can extend the length of time if the time is required for school work.  As a parent, you have to take into consideration  the child's character.

Please note that  when it comes to drawing with Scratch, some children take a long time to complete a drawing. Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Ai Boon