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introductory programming efforts

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Roberto Catanuto

hello, i'd like to introduce a few students to programming with Scratch, especially for its drag and drop visual way of working;

before doing that, i need some help to understand the underlying differences between Scratch and Alice, which is fairly similar;


thank you in advance for your expertise !

susan evans

In general I think Scratch is great for students with little or no background who want to get a fast start and be able to do lots of things quickly. Whereas Alice is meant more as an introductory tool for learning computer science.


• Written in Squeak

• Limited amount of functionality; specifically no i/o, no paratmeter passing or return values, no recursion, no exception handling, no inheritance

• Since there is limited functionality the students can't ever go wrong.

• Easy to learn interface

• 2-D



• Written in Java

• Most of the functionality of Java is available in Alice

• Students can run into some serious errors

• The interface can be overwhelming for some students

• 3-D