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Kinect2Scratch for Mac

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Kenta Hara

Hi all,


I created Kinect2Scratch4Mac web page.

You can access from


It isn't difficult to use this app than the beginning :P





Hi all.


I made Kinect2Scratch which is able to run on Mac.

It is unstable, but works.


You will need:

  • Scratch
  • Kinect
  • Mac


The code is here :

The build application is here :

If you have Xcode, you can build it on your machine.

  1. Download openFrameoworks(007) from here
  2. Download kinect2Scratch4Mac from github
  3. unpack them
  4. put kinect2Scratch4Mac folder into <openframeworks folder>/apps/examples/
  5. open kinect2Scratch4Mac/kinect2Scratch4Mac.xcodeproj
  6. buid it


Before run kinect2Scratch4Mac, connect Kinect to your mac, run Scrach and turn on remote sensor protcol connection. After that, caliblate kinect. Once kinect2Scratch4Mac has detected you, it will send the joint positions to Scratch.




John Colbert


I just got my Kinect working with my Mac. 

I look forward to seeing how my middle school students will play with it/develop for it in the next few days.

Any pointers?

I had trouble turning on the remote sensors, then miraculously they turned themselves on when I was about to give up.  Advice there?

Thanks for adding to this great set of tools!


Stephen Spaeth

Thank you for sharing your work and the demonstration with Stephen Howell, today at the Scratch2012 Conference.

Emre Sevinç

Looks very interesting! I'll try it as soon as possible.

Kenta Hara



I uploaded a screencast of Kinect2Scratch4Mac here.

Kenta Hara

 It write on openFrameworks.

openFrameworks support Linux.

So It may work on linux...? but I've not tried yet.