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Looking for US School to partner with Indian school

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Arun Saigal

Over the past few months, I have been working with a few schools in New Delhi, India on Scratch. I want them to interact with a school in America, especially in the Cambridge/Boston area (where I am located). Would anyone be interested in setting up some sort of Scratch connection between their school and a school in New Delhi? If so, please email me at




vinaykumar R
I am vinay. I am a memeber of scratched from past one year. i have been working on scratch,scribble,byob,snap from past one year. actually our aim is tom implement virtual private cloud implementation of snap/scratch for indian schools. recently we hosted on our server version 1, still it is in beta testing. i have shared only few tutorials on scratched and if you need more details contact at
Megan Haddadi

I am very interested.  I actually came to the ScratchEd site to post a request for a school in India.  How funny!  I work at a private PreK-12 school in Cambridge, and our 6th grade social studies/history teacher is looking to collaborate with a school in India on one or more projects.  I would love to discuss this.  Please feel free to email me:

Thanks!  I look forward to speaking with you, Arun.


Karen Randall

Hello Arun,

If you haven't found anyone in the Boston area, you'd be welcome to join in with a Scratch professional learning community project that will continue this fall.  Last spring it included monthly teacher conversations plus a joint Scratch project between students at five locations in three countries.  We'll get going again in another couple weeks.  Here's the powerpoint from our panel at the Scratch Conference:

Karen Randall