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Reflecting on Reflecting

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ScratchEd Team

Summer is a great time for reflection, and what better topic for reflection than...reflection? 

In the spirit of this Dewey quote, we want to hear from you:

How have you built reflection into learning experiences?
How do you want to build reflection into learning experiences?

Kaywin Cottle
In my class the journal prompts are posted in Google Classroom as assignments.  For some of these entries I have the students put their remarks into private comments and only they and I communicate back and forth.  In others, the comments are posted in the class comment section and the classmates respond to one another.
Wilhelmina Peragine
Thanks for sharing these example prompts, Sandra. It sounds like the reflection protocols in your class encourage students to adopt an iterative mindset. Do students share their reflection journals with you? With one another?

Willa, on behalf of the ScratchEd Team
Sandra Meador
Their design journal is also their reflection journal. They write not only what they did, but what did and didn't work or what their next step will be.