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Remixing / stealing / ethics question.

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Dawn DuPriest
Hi Scratch Educators,

I hope someone can give me some advice about a situation I've seen pop up often enough to worry me.
I've had the conversation with my students often about giving credit for ideas they use online. 

I have one student that added a project to our class studio that is identical to a really popular featured program created by another user. The program is called "Neon Ride".

The student of mine is claiming credit for it - that he made it under a different account a while ago, and moved it.

There are some things going on in the comments of these programs that I'm not comfortable with, and I need to put a stop to it when I see the kids next week. 
My student's project:
The other, more popular project:

In a nutshell, a couple of users are using the comments to accuse my student of copying the program without remixing, and my student is using the comments to accuse the other user of copying. There is a little name-calling as well. After all of the discussions we've had in class about proper etiquette and plagiarism, I don't feel like I can just ignore it. Some of the comments are visible in the studio I set up for the kids to share their programs.

I was wondering how you would handle this as a teacher, or if referring it to Scratch administrators is a more proper thing to do?

Tracy Knapik
I have 2 student that have idential scripts all the way down to the variable naming.  I know this isn't their work as they have never used this variable naming technique.  Also, they didn't give credit or even remix the original.  I wish there was a way to search Scratch scripts so I can at least find the original work so I can show them their wrong doing.