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Scratch and Simple and Motorized Mechanisms Base Set

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Eleanor Cerny

 Does anyone know if LEGO Simple and Motorized Machines is compatible with Scratch? Link below to the LEGO product. Thank you.

Lego Education Simple Machines

Kazuhiro Abe

Just FYI.

I and friends are working to make an inexpensive robot kit named NanoBoardAG now. The target price is under $40. It includes all bricks and devices (motor, controller, etc). NanoBoardAG is based on Arduino and compatible with WeDo and PicoBoard.

We hope to bring it to next Scratch@MIT.

P.S. Scratch 1.4 can control LEGO PF Light 8870 by motor blocks with a little modification. Here is a mod that include it.

Karen Brennan

Hi Eleanor,

I asked Mitch and John (the lead developer of Scratch) and here is how they responded:

Comment from Mitch:
This kit includes a motor and light, and includes a battery box for controlling them. To control these elements from a computer, you would also need the "controller" that comes with the LEGO WeDo kit -- or you can buy this controller (officially known as the LEGO USB Hub) separately (

Comment from John:
I assume that the motor could be plugged into a WeDo hub and controlled from Scratch. Scratch doesn't have a block to control the light.