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Scratch backup server?

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Michael Katz
 I am planning to teach a Scratch course using Chromebooks. This means we will have to use the online version of Scratch 2.0.

I am concerned about the possibility that the Scratch server will be down / broken during a class session time. This is just a general concern knowing that web sites go down sometimes, especially when updates are pushed, and a specific concern because this morning I was having trouble loading my projects (may have been a browser/computer issue that a restart fixed).

Have any of you ever experience a problem with being unavailable or broken in some way? Is there a backup URL where you can always get to a known good version?

Alain Botrel
Michelle Choi
An offline version of Scratch 2.0 available at

Robin Daniel
I am using Scratch 2.0 in a special activity for Middle School.  We are using the on-line version exclusively.  About an hour ago as I was preparing a project for tomorrow, I was unable to access  I got a message that the server was having problems.  I have just regained access to the site.  This is the first time this has happened, and I am pleased that access was restored so quickly. 

Since we rely on the on-line access - it would have been a much bigger problem if this had happened during our class time in which we only have 40 mintues of seat time.  The ability to access the Scratch Program from any computer in the school is well worth the risk, however.  Without the on-line version we would not be able to offer this class.

I have Scratch Version 1.4 loaded on my computer, however there is enough difference in the interface that it is difficult to prepare lessons for Introductory classes with it.

I do download the student projects to my computer each day, so at least I have a backup of their projects.

I look forward to hearing other's experiences,

Robin Daniel