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Scratch with elementary Mathematics

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Roberto Catanuto
I'm about to start activities for elementary school students about Math Concepts and Scratch. We want to have them training about Math, without telling them it is Math but letting them enjoy the experimentation-like style on Scratch. Do you know activities for grades 1-5?

i've been looking for activities about Math and elementary students, but couldn't honestly find some suitable for that level in the resources section.

I'd be more than happy to report you how the children worked on them.
Thank you very much in advance!
Ann Nicholson
There are a couple of studios that might be helpful: Math Projects and Common Core - Math
Mr. Stone
We made this simple game in our after school Scratch Club.  Very simple to code.  Then I had a few second graders try to code and it and they said, "wow!  we get this!".  So much fun integrating this into the curriculum at our school

For multiple operations my Scratch Club designed this one too.
Anton Batlle
I create a programm in scratch about adding numbers and a game of memory. You can change easyly the programm for other operations and the images of memory games for other themes. You can find this programms and some video games creates by me with my nickname aeba00 in scratch.

If you have any question for me i answer you.