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Scratch manipulatives

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Pratibha Srinivasan
 I would like to be able to have some scrtch manipulatives and am trying to find a way to 'print' scratch blocks as tiles or magnetic tiles that are custom cut so they fit together, just like they do on the screen. 

I hve explored a variety of options, but haven't found anyone who is able to do that for me.   I've called sign makers. promotional magnet makers etc. but no luck

Any ideas anybody?  

I would like to make such tiles of some of the common sprites as well. These I use currently as stick puppets, but having something more durable like a scrabble tile with the picture on it would be good.


Pratibha Srinivasan
 Thanks Michelle, yes I do have those, but was just wanting a more durable solution -- some of hte kids I work with have some motor difficulties and a wooden or plastic solution would be easier for them (like scrabble tiles).
Michelle Choi
You could print out and cut large images of the blocks to use as manipulates. A Scratch educator has shared printable images of the Scratch blocks Images here -