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Scratch Projects for High School

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Karen Brennan

It's important to have exciting, interesting, and engaging projects to demo when you're introducing Scratch to people. But what's exciting, interesting, and engaging varies a lot from demographic to demographic. At last night's webinar, we discussed the challenge of older students finding Scratch too "young" and the ways in which a fantastic set of example projects might help.

Have ideas for Scratch projects that might be appealing for high school students? Add them to this gallery --


Janet Dee

Has anyone seen the complete set of teaching materials from this site: The first two modules look well done. I just got full access and am looking at the modules. It only took a day to get a login code.

Susan Ettenheim

 How do I add a project to this gallery? It's not coming up on my list and I don't see a place to paste in a url of the gallery.

Michelle Choi

Hi Susan,

Were you logged in when you looked at the gallery? If you go to the gallery url: on the right side there should be a button that says "add my projects." Let me know if you have any trouble.


Louis Fleming

Build the ultimate Etch a sketch - Pens Colors Erasers-  then have a 1 class period drawing contest..


Work with loops and angles to create best spirograph type art.