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Simple (and cheap) way of using Scratch on the RaspberryPI for control projects

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Simon Walters

I'm developing this to use firstly in after school robot club and then I want to use a set of 6 RaspberryPi in a Year6 class as an alternative to using the DataHarvest FlowGo hardware/GO software.


I love the FlowGo Hardware (but can't afford a load of them at £99 each) and I don't love the GO software (compared to Scratch :) ) so I've taken the pi-face interface software (July 2012 edition) and modified it so that you can control the GPIO pins on a RaspberryPi and therefore start using Scratch to control external devices as cheaply as possible.




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Antony Brooke-Wood

Thanks for this - exactly what I was looking for.

I am also intereted in the PiFace ... looks liek it would make this a bit easier: