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Student accounts

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Christy Heinrichs
I would like to use scratch with one of my classes.  I don't see a place to create student accounts or a way to manage students.  I found some modules but they say to download scratch.  i don't see a place to do this. Help please.
Bette Diem
Elementary Teacher- Trying to set up student accounts. The discussion said I could set up more than one account on my email. When I tried it would not allow. Please advise.
Wilhelmina Peragine
Hi Christy,

Great question. Here's a helpful discussion that I think will answer your question.

One thread that might be particularly relevant:
"Hi. I’m Christan Balch, the Online Community Coordinator on the Scratch Team at MIT. We understand your frustration with the registration process for students, and we’re sorry for the difficulties that it has caused for you and your students.
We’re continuing to work on Teacher Accounts, which we hope will simplify the process of creating accounts for your students. Unfortunately, the development of the Teacher Accounts has taken much longer than we expected. We hope to have more news about the accounts soon. We’ll make sure to post messages on ScratchEd to keep you informed.
In the meantime, we suggest using a single email address (e.g., a teacher’s email address) to register and approve all of your student accounts. (Multiple Scratch accounts can share the same address.) We realize that the confirmation process can be time-consuming for educators, but confirmation is just a one-time process when first registering an account.

Sorry again for the current difficulties. We hope to have better solutions in the future. Please do feel free to reach out to me should you have more questions."

I hope this helps!