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Teaching with Scratch

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Jessica Kaspar

Hi everyone! I have just recently started using Scratch. I would like to know if anybody has any ideas on a good way to use scratch for a fifth grader who struggles with reading. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.  Thank you!

Jessica Kaspar

I am tutoring her and looking for ideas to turn her on to reading. She just began using Scratch and likes paying attention to the details for the finished product so I am hoping that her interest with it will give her that little extra boost in motivation with reading that she needs. I will try out your idea though. I think she would enjoy doing something like that. Thanks for your help!

Karen Randall

Hello Jessica,

Say a little more about the context for your Scratch work with this student.  Is this part of a Scratch class and he/she is having trouble reading the scripts, or are you tutoring and looking for ways Scratch can turn him/her on to reading? 

If the latter, some of the story-telling projects might be fun to try.  For example, have the student take some photos around school, make a Scratch slide show that is just a sprite switching costumes (the imported photos), then record narration about what the photos say about the school as a special place. Link that to reading a picture book about special places such as A Quiet Place by Douglas Woods or When I was Young in the Mountains by C. Rylant. 

If you're thinking more about using Scratch as a way to practice specific skills, how about having the student make a flash card game that features the sight words he/she most needs to memorize?  The words appear on the screen (sprite costumes again), pause for reading, then have a voice recording that says the word for the student to check.

Or, if none of this fits, keep asking!

Karen R.