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UK Primary Schools using Scratch

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Miles Berry

I'm lecturing a course on 'programming for primary teachers' as part of Roehampton University's teacher training programme, for which we're using Scratch.

I'd like my students to spend some time evaluating primary pupils' work in Scratch, and wondered if there were  primary schools (ideally UK based) who had galleries of projects available online.

It's probable that Teachers' TV will be filming this session of the course.

Nick Crabtree

Hi Miles,

Does your local City Learning Centre not do Scratch? - quite a lot do.  Even if they don't, if it helps bring children into their centre they will be interested!

The CLC where work and look after the Primary stages is just about to start with Scratch.  I've got my first class of Yr 6 coming this week.  From this I intend to take it out into schools and train both teachers and pupils. 

I could certainly look at creating a resource that you could use.

Best Regards,

Nick C

lisa mcgivern

Hi- Antrim Grammar (Northern Ireland; 11-13 year olds) have been using Scratch as part of an after school's club- mainly focusing on animation. Their work can be accessed here:

Ai Boon Tan

Hi.  I'm from Singapore and I started a private Scratch class for primary students recently.  We have just finished lesson 2.   My students' ages range from 8 to 11 and  their grade levels are Primary 2 to 5.

You can view their projects at The Children's Circle 2010 gallery -

Perhaps this may be useful to you.

Wishing you all the best in your course. : )


Ai Boon

Simon Walters

Hi Miles,

Although I'm not a teacher (Simplescratcher on Scratch/SimpleSi on Edugeek) I do use scratch to teach Y5/Y6 pupils and I'll try and setup galleries for the 2 schools I do this in and you can see if this would be any use to you.




Tamsin Treasure-Jones


I'm about to start a technology after school club at my son's primary school (in West Yorkshire) and we will be using Scratch, so we should hopefully have some projects online by Easter. However, that may not fit your timescales and your remit, since this is an after school club being run for the first time and by a parent volunteer (me!) rather than by a teacher. However, do please get in contact if you think we could help. I'll certainly be watching out for your teacher's tv programme now as I'd be very interested in seeing how Scratch is being used in UK primary schools.

Best wishes,



Karen Brennan

I don't have gallery suggestions, but (related to geography) I wondered if you've seen


Karen Randall

Our gallery doesn't fit your geographic criteria, but it could be a fallback if you need one.  Most of the work is done by 9-11 year olds with a few projects by ages 6 and 7. has a whole mess of stuff has a few examples of various projects


Karen R.