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Using manipulatives to introduce Scratch to young children

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Pratibha Srinivasan

 Hi everyone


I'm trying to find a place to actually make scratch 'tiles' that can be put together on a table like a puzzle for young children.  I work with young deaf children and integrate a lot of scratch teaching with listening and spoken language learning. So far, I have been printing the blocks, and then cutting them up. However, it would be so nice if there was a way to 3D print them and make puzzle tiles. Any ideas on how to do this anyone?



Pratibha Srinivasan

 Thanks Michelle. I have prinnted them off before, but it would be great to have almost lego-like blocks, or shaped 'scrabble like' tiles  that actually fit together like puzzles. This would really make it easier for even younger kids to be able to access some of the ideas and then easily transition to using the computer. 


I was wondering if a 3D printing would work for something like this. 

Tyson Spraul

Have you seen this yet? The blocks look 3D and their resolution looks exellent. You might contact them to find out how they made them (the stages images too!). Let me know if you figure anything out, because I might be interested in making manipulatives also.

Michelle Choi

Hi Pratibha,

You can find a downloadable set of the Scratch blocks here that can be printed out and used as manipulatives.

Let me know how it goes!