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Why is the focus on community centers and not public schools

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Afek Taragan

I am just wondering if anyone knows the reason why research regarding Scratch has been focused on its use in community centers as opposed to public schools.

Thanks for the help.

Afek Taragan

Thank you Karen. I would love to see what others think about how it fits in with the public school setting.

Karen Brennan

From an MIT Scratch team member perspective, initial research was focused around non-school learning environments because of our group's connection to Computer Clubhouses, which served as an important research venue in the early days of Scratch.

There is an increasing number of people who are doing research about Scratch in schools, and my own research involves developing understandings about Scratch in school settings. You may be interested in this year's Scratch conference. I've just finished a draft of the program and there are several presentations about Scratch in schools. I'll be releasing the program in April.