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Workshop for 2nd grader using Scratch

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W. Lam
Hi Scratch Community,

I am a software engineer and a parent volunteer at my child's elementary school.  I signed up to do a 1 day (1-2 hour) workshop with my child's class (2nd grade) during regular school hours teaching any subject of my choice.  Since I am a software engineer, I decided to teach the kids some type of computer programming.  When I went to Oracle Java's website for suggestions, "Scratch" came up as the recommended language for young children for that age group.  After looking into Scratch briefly, I realize that it's a great app/language for the kids and am thrilled to have found it.

However, I am not a teacher.  Although I have some ideas on what to teach the kids, I am hoping to find a curriculum or a workshop lesson plan here.  For example, in a 1-2 hours workshop, what's the best way to pique their interest so perhaps they can continue on their own later on?  Is it better to just "teach" the whole time, or should the kids be given an assignment to create a very basic program?  The class (of 25) does have 9 iPads at all time, and I have a feeling I can borrow some more from the other classrooms if I have to, or they can take turns.  

Any suggestion or recommendation (lesson plans will be even better!!) will be really appreciated!  If the kids enjoy it, I may even ask the teacher to let me make this a recurring class that I teach (perhaps once every month or every two months) since I know the school loves anything STEM.

Thank you so much!
Tiny Techs Club

We develop comprehensive curriculums to teach children from grades 2-5 SCRATCH. As the previous member replied if you want to use tablets you have to use SCRATCH Jr. which is a also a great program.

SCRATCH 1.2 is an installable file that you can download and install onto Windows/Mac machines - it will not work in a Chromebook either.

Our curriculum is created in a tiered manner so children at all ages and abilities will be able to try out different lessons and challenges and we have a lesson plan book that they and you can use.

Email us at for more information - we would love to offer you some ideas!


Michelle Choi
Are you using ScratchJr or Scratch? Since you mentioned iPads, I will assume you are planning to use ScratchJr, which was designed specifically for tablets. Scratch does not currently work on tablets.

For helping kids get started wtih ScratchJr, you may be interested in checking out some of the activity ideas listed on the ScratchJr website -