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Assessment Rubrics - Storytelling with Scratch

assessment rubrics for storytelling projects

Short description of the assessment forms (by Jill Pears): Students do a storytelling project based on a school camp. The rubric and self evaluation can be used for any storytelling project. 

Assessment is based on the following attributes:

  • Structure
  • Character
  • Language Features
  • Vocabulary
  • Surface Features
  • Graphics
  • Programming Structures
  • Background
  • Originality / Risk taking / Experimentation
  • Problem solving

In the self-assessment form, the student are asked to review the following aspects of their storytelling project.

  • My story has a beginning, middle, and end with supporting detail.
  • My characters have distinct personalities that are demonstrated by what they say and do.
  • I make my recount more interesting by using language features such as alliteration, simile, onomatopoeia, metaphor and personification.
  • I use interesting and high quality vocabulary.
  • I make and edit detailed graphics that help tell my story.
  • I make and edit detailed backgrounds that help tell my story.
  • I make sure all the surface features such as capital letters, grammar punctuations, and spelling are correct.
  • I use a wide variety of different programming structures.