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Bees and Bananas (game for Scratch beginners, suitable for ages 5+)

Fun simple game for Scratch beginners that has been tested with 5-8 year-olds. Takes 1-2 hours to make the game.

This game is designed to be the first "real" program for Scratch beginners to write. Ideally, the children will have had an hour or so very basic introduction to Scratch so they are conversant with the general script-building approach. Alternatively, this could be used as an introduction to total beginners, but would require a little supervision.

The following features are specifically considered when making a game for children this age who have not used Scratch before:

 - using mouse to move characters rather than cursor keys makes it more immediately playable

 - minimal use of variables (score and timer only). No use of variables for abstract functions like coordinates and movement

 - developing a game which is fun to play and offers much opportunity for tweaking by the children


There are a couple of elements which are stretching, especially for younger children:

 - the use of negative numbers

 - the introduction of coordinates

 - the use of random numbers


I skate over these in the instructions so as not to get sidetracked by the explanation, but this may be an area for improvement.


Notably, younger kids don't really read the text - just dive straight to the coding... I'm working on a different set of instructions to handle that!

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Alyson Eaglen
 Thanks for sharing!  I plan to share this with 3rd graders.  I find the written explanation to be clear and student-friendly!
Daniel Humphreys

Thanks for posting!

Greg Jackson

 Thanks Dineka. Let me know how it goes if you use it with any learners. Would love to know what else can be improved.

Dineka Sharma

 Great Starter game!  Thanks