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Controller gloves for Scratch and Makey Makey

I wanted to show pupils that we could make a convincing controller glove of our own for our Scratch games - so I made three!
 Pupils have enjoyed using Scratch and various fruit and vegetables to make pianos when we've done Hour of Code etc but I wanted to show them that Scratch can be more than just a novelty. So I made a controller glove! Of course, I did this without any planning so had to work with what I could find. Initially I used a couple of woollen gloves. At first I used strips of tin foil hot glued to the glove - messy but quick. This worked well enough but the foil was easily broken when  getting the glove on/off. Next I used some conductive material and sewed patches to the fingertips with conductive thread - yes I have such things laying around, I love sewing circuits! I sewed a line of thread down each finger and sewed a tab at the knuckle of the glove so the crocodile clip could attach. This also worked well but we found that the wearer could interfere with the flow of current.
I needed a better version. I bought a pair of cheap cotton gardening gloves, some metal buttons and a reel of bell wire. The buttons were sewn onto the fingertips and the wire was partly split and wound around the buttons. The wire was secured at the cuff and enough wire exposed to create a loop for clips. This is the best version so far and works brilliantly and the buttons make a very satisfying click!
I think for version 4 I'd use flatter buttons, make them less wobbly and I'd definitely like to 'hide' the wires better.
Below are instructions for each of the three versions made so far. You're welcome to use the Word doc and edit it for your own use. There are also videos and pictures of version three of the glove.