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Create your own tools for science experiments with/from Scratch.

4th graders created the tools with Scratch to check how the heat transfers in science class.

The pictures attached are experiment tools that 4th graders created to check how the heat transfers. They used sensor boards, thermistors and scratch to make the tools in science class. I worked with the students and their teacher for 25-hours Scratch course in computer class, and some students chose Scratch to make the tools while other students chose candles etc.  (to be continued)

Stefano Federici

I don't see any pictures...

Ton Smit

We started a project on six primary schools with programming languages, including Scratch, to challenge gifted children. Because of the link to Science and Technology, I am very interested in your Scratch course.

Eric Carson

What a great idea!  I'd love to hear more about the specifics of the experiment.

Karen Brennan

Very cool! I can't wait to see the pictures.

Thanks for sharing,