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Designing Games - Some Project Ideas

some rough ideas for Scratch games.

Involves basic programming such as using the pen tool

  • Name bouncer - Has the letters of a name which bounce when clicked and then fall back into a line
  • Drawing tool - Make a drawing tool that allows you to draw in several colours
  • Mouse avoider game - Make a maze. Using the mouse cursor, the user has to make it to the finish
    without touching any boundary.

Focuses more on sprite interaction, uses some variables, and preferable keeps score

  • basket catching game - make random objects that drop in random places at random speeds and moves downward to a basket that is used to catch the objects also keeps score.
  • sprite adventure game - Make a sprite that is controlled using a keyboard, and make him go on an adventure. The game must have: enemies, ways to lose, and an objective
  • interactive drawing game - Make a drawing game and have sprites that move. The sprites react to the colours that the user uses to draw.

Involves more complicated programming with many sprites and many variables

  • Platform game - Similar to Super Mario, this game must have: gravity which may or may not include acceleration, platforms that a sprite can stand on, deathtraps, enemies, different rooms, and an objective
  • Shooter game - Make a sprite that can shoot objects at enemies to score points. Whatever the bullet sprite is it must return to the player after being shot so that the player can shoot multiple times, this preferable has a script to increase difficulty. This can be integrated with a platform game
  • Role Playing Game (probably the most complex of all) - In this game, a player must defeat monsters using a battle system that involves: Attack Points, Defense Points, Health Points, Magic Points, preferably gold or money, experience and levels and any other things that can go into the formula of making damage. Game play involves the player adventuring and attacking monsters, and the monsters receive damage according to the battle formula that is based on attack points, defense points, etc.


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