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Hangman Game Assignment and Grading Rubric

Hangman game project and accompanying grading rubric.

In this activity, developed by high school Instructional Technology Specialist, Janet Dee, from Reading, MA, students worked in pairs to create Hangman Scratch projects to exercise their understandings of variables and lists. 

Attached below is a sample student project and lesson plan handout, including an accompanying grading rubric for the assignment.

Hangman Game Instructions

  • Work in pairs to create a Hangman Game in Scratch.
  • Create a detailed flowchart which indicates
  • The steps of the game
  • The blocks that you will use for each step (A starter flowchart is below)
  • Note: Your flowchart will become more detailed as you work through the game.
  • To begin: your game should have 5 guess words of 3 letters each. Select words that do not have letters duplicate. (For example: all). This will make it easier to execute the code.
  • Use the list functions and the conditional functions to manage the guesses.
  • Create your own hangman stage and hangman. Your hangman will change costumes to indicate incorrect guesses. Keep your hangman figure simple and limit the number of guesses to 6.
  • Design a way to display the correct letters guessed in the correct order. Try to avoid using Alphabet Sprites for your display letters.
  • Include messages to the player as needed. For example: Do you want to play? Play again? You won! Try again!
  • Include resets so that the game can begin again with all your words.

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