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Independent Project Assignment

After teaching students some basics (stage, sprites, costumes, loops, movement, ask/answer, broadcast/receive, variables), I challenged them to create their own projects.

Some details (like the rubric) are specific to IB MYP Technology, but could be adapted.

File 1 is the project packet.

File 2 is a checklist I give the kids on the second to last day, to help them focus on what they might be missing.

Variables is by far the part that gives them the most trouble - that and spending too much time drawing. ;-)

See the link below for a gallery of the best projects (and some earlier warm-up projects). I only posted those that met or came extremely close to meeting all the design specifications. These were made by 9th graders in about 5 class periods.

Sharon Thompson
Thank you for sharing I am definitely going to use these tools
evan james
 What a great resource! I'm a 6th grade teacher who has introduced Scratch to my students. It has only been three weeks, and they are making incredible projects. I will definitely be utilizing these tools for a culminating activity. Thanks!
Jody Mathias

 GREAT descriptive assignment files for high school students. So much of what I find is too easy; yours is just right!