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Scratch Cards

Scratch cards provide a quick way to learn new Scratch code.

This set of 12 Scratch cards provides a quick way to learn new Scratch code. The front of each card shows what you can do; the back shows how to do it.

  • Change Color
  • Move to a Beat
  • Key Moves
  • Say Something 
  • Glide
  • Follow the Mouse
  • Dance Twist
  • Interactive Whirl
  • Animate It
  • Moving Animation
  • Surprise Button
  • Keep Score 
Giulio Bonanome
Cassindra Nutter
The cards are no longer available with this link.  Can someone please send them to me?  That would be awesome!

Wilhelmina Peragine
Hi Cassindra,

I updated the link:

Willa, on behalf of the ScratchEd team
Mick Huiet

Thank you so much for these resources.  May I post them on our class Edmodo site as a resource for my kids? 

I came across a blog post about Scratch Camp last week.  I have been incorporating Minecraft Collaboration challenges since we rolled out 1:1 iPads in our school.  I have loved Logo since the beginning of this age back in the 80's, so without trying Scratch myself, I through out the challenge of going to the website and making Scratch do something.  Every pair of kids had varying degrees of success.  We lost a few when they tried to share them, but they were totally collaborative, engaged and different kids rose to the forefront as leaders than in traditional lessons.  I will be posting some of the videos I took as soon as I master getting them off my new phone and onto my blog, Embracing 1:1 Disruption.

I'll be using it to review coordinates and geometry this week.  I'll post what they come up with.  I'll be using these guides and cards to help those who don't dive right in.

Regards, Mick


Karen Brennan

Please feel free to post the Scratch cards on your class Edmodo site!

I look forward to seeing the videos!


Christopher Hampson

 Wow, these are fantastic! How did I miss this? -C-

Jennifer Kilroy

Karen- thanks so much for posting an electronic version.  The  laminated cards I received this summer have been very useful, now I can print and laminate my own for my classroom.  PS- the summer workshop was great!

Karen Brennan

I'm glad to hear that you think the cards are useful. I can't wait to learn more about what you've been up to!