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Scratch Game Design Curriculum and Professional Development

Happy to share this 25-hour game design curriculum originally developed for middle school teachers during Boston STEM Week.
I was originally hired by i2 Learning to adapt my book Designing Digital Games for use by 6th grade teachers during the first annual Boston STEM Week. I developed a series of online teacher training videos and a unique curriculum guide (link below) which minimizes instruction by using a challenge-based approach to exploring game design. While the course was designed as a 1 week intensive, the guide may be used for shorter class-periods spread over more time. The course is also differentiated so students may progress at their own pace. No prior Scratch, programming nor digital design skills are required. Please note the videos are meant for PD only, not for students, who will likely benefit more by exploring and discovering on their own.
brendon hart
Hi Derek,
The Teacher Guide talks about handouts for preevaluation etc. Where would I find these?
Keith Zawacki
Did anyone ever find these?
Sandy Coleman
Hi Derek,
Thank you for sharing!  It is wonderful!  I was wondering if you could share with me the materials you referred to in the guide.  I am doing a summer camp in which the kids will be designing a game and using Makey Makeys create game controllers to go along with their games.   I hate to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to!   Thanks again!
Cheryl Marrs
All I can say is WOW about this site.....I just need to go exploring now..