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Scratch interview - family stories

This project shows you how Scratch can be used to conduct interviews.

This project by ninja35 showcases him interviewing his grandmother.

He asks his grandmother three questions in English and she replies in her native Chinese dialect, Teochew.

Lesson Plan

1. You can use this project to talk to your students about family stories using the interview method.

2. View the project with your students and have a class discussion about family stories. 

3. Find out what languages your students speak at home with their parents and/or grandparents.

4. Encourage your students to formulate interesting questions to ask their grandparents.

5. Assign them to interview their parent using English and one other language (if possible) and scratch it as a project.

6. If the students do not have a microphone, show them how to use the "say 'Hello' for 2 sec" block in the Looks palette together with the two control blocks - 'broadcast' and 'When I receive'.

7. Download the project "interview with Ma Ma" by ninja35 to find out how he did it.

6. Have fun!

Jessica Chiang

I love the sample project. How cute! And what a great idea!

Ai Boon Tan

Thank you Jessica. If you try this project with your students, it may be good to ask them to include a translation of the answers into English.  That was missing in the sample project.