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Scratch Piano

A digital making project for Scratch and Makey Makey.
I run two Code Clubs at local primary schools.  This last half-term I've been working with a group of Year 5 (age 9-10 years) students using Scratch.  We made a Code Club project called Lost in Space and then extended it to make a quiz based on work they had been doing in class on English grammar.  For the next half-term they have asked if we could do something 'physical' as the school has a bunch of Makey Makeys.  Over the break I've been working on a worksheet  for this project.

Anything could be the 'keyboard' for the piano but I chose to make a 'real' keyboard.  In class with a group of Year 9 (age 13-14 years) we had great fun using students as the keys!  This is a simple project that could be done without the physical element and, of course, could be extended to make a much bigger keyboard.  For this project I have only used a single scale so that we could play simple tunes such as Frère Jacques and Mary Had A Little Lamb.

The Scratch project below (ScratchPiano_3) is this final version.   The project ScratchPiano_4 is a further version that starts out using the piano but then randomly changes the instrument after each note is played for the first time.