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Scratch PLC conversation 3: integrating Scratch with subject areas

To make time for Scratch, some teachers integrate it into subject-area coursework; or, should the system just be changed with equal time for creative design? Includes a list of content-area galleries.

Third in a series of an international professional learning community's conversations about teaching with Scratch.

In many schools, there are no specific technology classes or time in the curriculum set aside for pure Scratch explorations.  To create time for Scratch, teachers integrate it in content classes such as math, science or art.  This conversation explores Scratch as a tool for helping students understand concepts in these subjects better; or, should the system just be changed so that time for creative design gets the same weight as reading or math?

In addition to the file, here are some sample galleries that gather projects integrating Scratch with specific subjects.



Science: (physics) (physics) (physics) (environment)




Reading/writing: (book reports) (Scratch e-books) (Aesop’s fables)

Multiple languages: (projects with numbers in many languages)


Ai Boon Tan

Hi. Thanks for the notes  to conversation 3. You summarized it real well. : ) Thanks for the links too.

Ai Boon