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Scratch from Scratch

Scratch from Scratch is a primary teacher textbook introducing Scratch tools and block skills.

Scratch from Scratch is the perfect way to start learning an exciting programming language aimed at younger learners.

We've written the book to be accessible to young and old, but primarily with the teacher or mentor in mind.

This book is a limited run and just the first part of a planned three-part text.

This edition is 36 full colour pages and covers the Tools and Skills of Scratch. You can download the contents (attached).

Our next edition will comprise all three parts; The Tools and Skills of Scratch, Numeracy in Scratch & Computational Thinking in Scratch.

We hope that teachers, parents and mentors of children will use this book to encourage younger learners to try computer programming.

We've seen programmers as young as eight embrace Scratch and develop a love of programming.

We really hope you enjoy this text, and use it in your computer club or classroom.


We welcome and value feedback or questions, and you can get in touch with us through our contact email addresses:


Scratch from Scratch can be purchased (we ship internationally) from

The projects used (and described in the book) are available on:



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Warren Kelly
Is this written for 2.0 or 1.4?
Tracey Smith

 Would be interested more in a downloadable version. They do not fill up the bookshelf so much. :-)

Mahesh Balusa

 Is the book available for download rather than getting it shipped it internationally? [I live in the US]

Stephen Howell

 Hi Mahesh,

We are currently hardcopy only, my co-author is mailing them from Ireland.

While it's reasonably cheap to mail from Ireland to USA, it does take a few days.

We have discussed having an ebook version on the next edition, and hopefully we will have.

In the meantime, please email me directly and we'll sort something out. 

Not sure if I'm allowed post my email address here but it can be found on



Karen Brennan

Thanks so much for sharing. I can't wait to hear about how people end up using this resource!