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#ScratchEdChat Q&A

Interested in joining a #ScratchEdChat but not sure where to start? The ScratchEd Team created this resource to help you join the conversation.

Teachers are increasingly using Twitter as a Professional Learning Community. A growing community of Scratch educators is part of this trend. This year, the ScratchEd team started hosting Twitter chats twice per month, called ScratchEd Chats. Each chat is focused on a specific topic, relevant to teachers in the community, and based on informal polling of teacher interests. We’ve had some generative conversations this year, and we’re excited for what’s to come! Here’s a Q and A to help you join the conversation:


New to Twitter? Check out this resource first!


Q: What is a Twitter chat?

A: A real-time discussion, open to anyone in the world with a Twitter account, that uses a hashtag to connect the threads of the conversation.


Q: What do I do in a Twitter chat?

A: Tweet with others who have similar interests (in this case, using Scratch in educational contexts), with a loosely guided structure in the form of a moderator asking questions.

For example, here’s a recent question posed by the ScratchEd Team:

Q: Why should I participate in a #ScratchEdChat?

A: A #ScratchEdChat is a great way to get inspired, gather resources, and network with other amazing educators. Our goal is for participants to always leave with more questions than answers!


Q: What are the benefits of participating?

A: Participants in a #ScratchEdChat often leave with inspiration and resources for lessons and projects. Chats are also a great way to make connections with other passionate, creative educators.


Q: Do I have to be a Scratch expert to participate in a chat?

A: No! Twitter chats are open to Scratch educators of all experience levels.  We often have people join who have never used Scratch before and the community is very welcoming.


Q: What topics have been covered in previous ScratchEd chats?

A: Educators often return to participate in many chats over the course of a year, because each chat is focused around a different, relevant theme.

Here are some of the themes we’ve discussed this semester:


Q: What if I don’t know what to say?

A: If you’re not sure how to respond to a question, spend some time reading other participants’ answers. “Like” and retweet things you agree with, and feel free to ask questions if something piques your interest!


Q: Should I/can I prepare ahead of time?

A: You are not required to prepare for a Twitter chat, however there are a few things you can do if you are interested.  It’s sometimes helpful to reflect on past projects/lessons and your students’ work. If you want, you can bring pictures and resources to share or brainstorm questions on the topic (we ask what questions participants have in every #ScratchEdChat).  No matter what, who, or where you teach, you have a wealth of experience to bring to the conversation!