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ScratchGrid Worksheets

This is a set of worksheets to help in the planning and creation of small videogames. A worked example is included with the materials.

We have created a set of worksheets to help in the design and development of "small videogames".

We have adopted a specific definition for “small videogames” so as to give them a knowable form. Small videogames have the following attributes:
1.- all gameplay occurs on a single screen;
2.- the game has four screens: a startup, intro, or splash screen; a play screen; and, two outcome screens, for example a “you win” screen and a “you lose” screen;
3.- small videogames are typically one-player games;
4.- small videogames can be created by an individual, novice, creator in a time-frame measured in days.

Small videogames are an extensible framework.


The most visible videogames, those in the marketplace for consoles and personal computers, are the product of many hands from multiple disciplines working for several years. The small videogame approach takes an individual through the whole process so she can identify her own strengths and weaknesses, and understand the roles and opportunities for collaboration.

The worksheets are released here as open-source files in .svg, .pdf, and .ai formatted files. A model worked example for the use of the worksheets is included with the materials. The worksheets are packaged as individual pages, and as a multi-page .pdf file. The worked example is packaged as a numbered set of images in .png format and a .sb Scratch project.

Rafael Fajardo

This resource is now mirrored as single .zip archive on my website:


My apologies to those who went to that address on the day of my presentation (Scratch@MIT 2012). I was mistaken in my belief that the archive had uploaded. I have corrected the error.

I am grateful to Karen Brennan, Mitch Resnick and all of the Scratch team for allowing me to present. I am also grateful to all in the audience who attended the presentation.