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Story Telling Assignment

An introduction to story telling in Scratch. Students develop a "Three Act Play", using three different scenes (one for each "Act"). A rubric and demo video are included.

I typically distinguish between exercises and assignments.  While I grade exercises for completness this is just a check list approach.  I use rubrics for assignments.  In this first assignment, sequence, message passing and use of story telling features are explored.  Students are expected to be creative and original.   No art experience is required for full marks.  I've included a single page handout and the video demo I make available to the students.  I'm currently using Moodle as part of my course in a "blended" program.  

Russell Clough

 Hi Dan,

Great idea and, with your permission, I would like to adapt it for use in my classroom.

Russ Clough

Lorraine Leo


I was interested in adapting your StoryTelling assignment.  I was wondering if there is a place where I can see the actual project and script. Is it posted in Scratch?


Daniel Reid

Hi Lorraine,

Sorry for the very late reply.  I've been distracted with other matters.  Do you still need the actual demo assignment?