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Scratch Assignments from the UW CATAPULT Project

7 Scratch assignments created by a research group at the University of Wisconsin at Madison

Attached below are 7 Scratch assignments taken from the UW CATAPULT Project. These assignments were designed for middle-school children, and they were meant to accompany lessons given in an after-school club. See below for project details.


About the UW CATAPULT Project (from the project homepage)

The goal of the UW CATAPULT project is to introduce middle-school children to Computational Thinking and Programming Languages.


In Fall 2008, we will begin leading the first after-school CATAPULT club at Shorewood Elementary. The first semester, we will target a small group of 4th and 5th grade students (approximately 10); in the second semester, we plan to repeat the club with a larger group (approximately 20). The Shorewood club will meet one day a week for an hour, for a total of 10 weeks each semester.


CATAPULT will teach children how to program with Scratch, a visual programming language developed at MIT for this age group. We have developed a series of eight short lessons that teach a middle-schooler the basics of programming by creating interactive games. Prototypes of these lessons are available. CATAPULT will revolve around these lessons and enable the kids to create games of their own.