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WeDo/Scratch MiniGuide

A one-page guide to getting started with WeDo and Scratch.

Scratch version 1.4 has special programming blocks to interact with motors and sensors in your LEGO WeDo robotic creations.

This guide is intended to be a quick overview of the WeDo components (controller, motor, distance and tilt sensors) and how to control them via Scratch.

  • Controller: Connect the WeDo controller to your computer via USB. Start Scratch.
  • Motor: The WeDo motor blocks should be visible in the Motion category. If not, select Show Motor Blocks from the Edit menu. You can use the blocks to turn the motor on and off, set the motor power, and set the motor direction.
  • Distance Sensor: The distance sensor can be used to determine proximity, where 0 is close and 100 is far. Use the sensor value block in the Sensing category, selecting distance from the pull-down menu.
  • Tilt Sensor: The tilt sensor can be used to determine orientation, where 0 is flat, 1 is down, 2 is right, 3 is up, and 4 is left. Use the sensor value block in the Sensing category, selecting tilt from the pull-down menu.
Paolo Giovanni Zanin

Thanks for the WeDo mini guide.

Does Scratch support labelling of two motors on the same usb controller, like wedo software?




Karen Brennan

Not at this time, unfortunately.

Steve Fines



Just got my Wedo kit and have started playing around with the sensors / motors.


This setup is fantastic - plug and play programmable robotics, using the legos that every 2 year old knows how to use. Great stuff.


Quick question:

The Wedo usb controller allows two things to be plugged in at once (i.e. one motor and one tilt sensor). If I purchase another Wedo usb controller would I be able to control 4 things at the same time?




Karen Brennan

As far as I know, Scratch can only support one USB controller at a time. 

Joyce Teibel


Thanks for the WeDo mini guide.  Keith Braafladt did a session on WeDo at the TIES Technology conference recently.  It was interesting to learn that schools with lego supplies can get started with WeDo activities by purchasing the WeDo sensors only (not the complete kits,) and then using the appropriate Scratch blocks. For kids who know Scratch already, this will be a fun way to extend their Scratch capabilities.

Joyce Teibel

Natalie Rusk

Here's a version of the WeDo / Scratch MiniGuide that includes images of the Scratch blocks:


Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Thanks and WeDo / Scratch on!