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​How to Join the ScratchEd Meetups Network

1. Become a group member

An easy first step is to explore the ScratchEd Meetups Network map. Is there a pin on the ScratchEd Meetups map near you? Join the meetup group to get updates about future events and meet other Scratch educators near you.

Don’t see your city on the map? Let us know that you’re interested in starting a group in your part of the world by responding to this short survey. We’ll help connect you to other teachers in your area.

2. Start a meetup group

Can’t wait for a meetup in your area? If you’re feeling inspired to host one of your own, get started by exploring the ScratchEd Meetups resources site and request a copy of the ScratchEd Meetups guide. We’re here to support you.

3. Spread the word 

Already a meetup group member? This CSEdWeek, support a colleague’s learning by inviting them to join your local ScratchEd Meetup group. Each one, reach one!

To celebrate CSEdWeek, we'll be inviting people to share their #TeacherLearning #ScratchEdMeetup plan on social media, like this. You can download the sticker below.