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Creating dynamic pie graphs

I wanted to make a survey project that would draw a pie chart based on the results of the survey.  I chose a 'choose your favorite color' format for starters, but this really could be easily adapted for any kind of survey.  After getting it working I sat down with my 7 year old son who really got into it.  We spent over an hour talking about how to make the graph be drawn in varying proportions.  Fractions, percentages, and division were all subjects that we went over.  None of this was done explicitly, but rather through the exploration of how the graph was drawing.  I am excited to use this with my middle school students and to create a version with more options to choose from so that the graph can be drawn in more differing ways.  For anyone teaching math I think that this could be useful.  Take a look and then customize it to your particular needs.

Scratch Project: 
Thomas Keeler

 Thanks.  Can't wait to show this to my 5th graders.

Michelle Choi

This sounds wonderful. I really like the idea of tying the project to a survey activity rather than just how to draw a pie chart. I'm curious, was this incited by a particular unit that the math students are covering?