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Elementary Scratch Club 2009-2010

They were fifth graders from Campus Queretaro, Campus México and Campus Guadalajara. They were organized in teams to develop different levels of the game, and had periodical videoconferences to share their progress and contribute with fresh ideas to others' work.

Seven levels were constructed for the game, in which our Independence heroes fight the Spanish and plant the seeds of our nation.

Wait to see the work of our 2010-2011 Elementary Scratch Club! (April 2011)

Michelle Choi

I was curious about how the Club is structured. Is the Scratch Club only for fifth graders? Is the project a different type of game each year? How do students join?

What a great video. I especially like part with the student drawing in the paint editor while using the interactive whiteboard. Very cool.

ITJ Faculty

Yes, our club is a special activity for fifth graders. Each year we select three students from each of our campi who work together for about three months, and collaborate to build ONE scratch project.

The topic and characteristics of the project change each year. For 2009-2010 the kids built a game, and now the project consists on a "Didactical Resource" about the water problem in our country. So the students are building a product that can be used to teach others take care of water, through different activities.

It's good to hear other people enjoy the video. For us, it's been a very cool experience.