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Elementary Scratch Club 2010-2011


This time, the members of the club, eight students from ITJ and two international guests, developed a complex didactic resource about water. The objective was to contribute to education with a useful tool where the user could learn about the water problem of our country, reflect and collaborate to contribute with solutions. The project consisted of eight parts: menu, introduction, statistics, reflection, game, experiment, project of action and reflection; which were built during the seven months in which the members of the club were working. IMAGINE, CREATE, EXPERIMENT, SHARE, REFLECT and one more time IMAGINE was just what this group of students did during this unique experience.

Karen Brennan

Where can we find the link to the video? (And for the earlier post about Kindergarten?)


ITJ Faculty

Oh, I'm working on restoring the videos online, I'll let you know as soon as they're ready.