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The game of robot-plotter

During Pi Day I had 50 children of elementary school and I told them about tech, coding and robot.
My initial idea was to make a laboratory but I had a very big room (conference hall), I had not robots, there were too many children, I had only 1 hour, ...
I decided to make a frontal speech but I made them a lot of questions to make the lesson interactive and I invented a game: The game of robot-plotter
Every child had a pen and squared notebook.
Before I asked them if they Battleship game and then I explained them how to design point in the Cartesian coordinate system.
I asked them: "design a line from (2,0) and (2,3)".
Then I told them: "I'm a stupid robot intruct me to make the same". I had a big paper with Cartesian coordinate system and I've 3 pens (RGB, red, green and blu).
In this way they learned to program me to design (like a plotter or a robot). After I show the same with scratch!

My English is poor. If you need write me pivari (@)