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Home-made Controller Gloves - updated

The first two versions of the controller glove used woollen gloves which proved to be too stretchy. The tin foil broke too easily and in the second version with conductive material and thread the user's hand could interfere with the flow of current.
In this version (version 3) I've used a cotton gardening glove, metal buttons and bell wire. 
The buttons are sewn onto the fingertips. The bell wire was split so that one wire could run up each finger - but remained intact at the bottom of the fingers. Just enough plastic coating was stripped back to allow the wire to be wound around the back of the metal button. The wire was run down the palm of the glove, but not sewn down to allow for flexing of the glove. At the cuff the wire was sewn into place and again just enough wire was exposed to allow a loop to be created for the crocodile clips.
This version of the glove is the best by far. It doesn't allow the user to interfere with the flow of current and the metal buttons give a very satisfying click when used!
I've used this glove on one hand and the version 2 on the other hand to allow for two player action - it works fine. Two short videos below.For the one showing both gloves I had to swap the camera from one hand to the other so it's a bit wobbly!
I'll put some instructions on how to make each version of the gloves in the Resources section.
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