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Imaginative Ideas with PicoBoards

Today we ran a hack day at school during our mid term holiday, read the full blog here. One of the sessions was exploring how to use PicoBoards to create imaginative games. Children signed up for the workshop using our event page here.

In this audioboo here, I give an intro to explain what we tried today.

This is a video of a demonstration I gave to adults at BarCamp Blackpool demonstrating a Pong game being controlled by the audience. I ask the audience to shout loud to make the paddle move to the right. It takes the raw value from the sound sensore and converts to an x co-ordinate value between -250 and 250.I split the audience in two halves, Player 1 and Player 2.

This is a link to a video from today showing a group of children who are trying the "Head - Shoulders - Knees - Toes" game. These were 12 yr old pupils taking part and you can see how much fun they were having. In the evaluations they completed at the end of the day - they rated this workshop session as the best one of the day.

The teacher featured in the first video 'Pong' is me Alan O'Donohoe @teknoteacher the teacher featured in the second video is NIck Jackson @largerama. Nick and I collaborated to develop this workshop session together.




Karen Brennan

I love the audio-controlled pong game idea!