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May 10, 2014: Science Rendezvous in Canada will be a great time to talk about CS Education and Scratch!

I shared a story about the 2nd Annual Canadian Computing Education Day that was celebrated on February 21.  I talked about a video being produced that was meant to be a conversation starter about computer science education in Canada.   The video, called "Canadian Computational Conversation Starter" (and the associated news release, "Meeting the Challenges of Computer Science Education") has indeed helped to start a few conversations.

I'm turning my attention to Science Rendezvous, a national festival on May 10 this year that takes "science out of the lab and onto the street".  Computer science is not considered as a science everywhere in Canada, but this is a great place to talk about computer science education, as part of science education, in Canada.  Last year, inspired by the "What Most Schools Don't Teach" video from, we did a "Digital Rockstar Bootcamp" as part of many other science-related activities on our campus that day.  We also covered the "wizard" angle from the video with a magic trick that we programmed in Scratch.

Are you interested in getting involved and hosting your own event?  Science Rendezvous is looking for partners and volunteers!  Please leave a comment here if you do get involved!

All the best,