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Scratch Club Buea

When Richard Anderson (our most recent visiting fellow) introduced the kids at "Silicon Mountain" to Scratch, we knew we had a calling. For a long time we had focused our activities on a more mature age group, but Scratch reminds us that we need to get ICT4D leaders in the proper mindset from a tender age. The wholeheartedly eager response to programming that we witnessed from the kids that attended the Scratch Workshop at ActivSpaces made us realize that we must reach out to a younger generation. With this in mind, we are enthusiastically taking up the role of hosting a local Scratch Club for secondary school children in Buea.

There are  thousands of kids who could benefit from exposure to Scratch and ActivSpaces wants to ensure that as many of them as possible are given that opportunity. Over the next few months we will be working with multimedia teachers at local secondary schools to integrate Scratch into their learning programs. We hope to see the kids using Scratch to revamp their IT clubs at school, sharing their projects within the Scratch community and we will also be organizing local Scratch competitions ;)

The ActivSpaces Venue
The Scratch Club will be open every Saturday (starting 6th August, 2011) at ActivSpaces from 1:00pm - 4:00pm. Registration is completely free and we encourage parents and/or kids interested in having more information to contact us anytime We look forward to the whole community getting engaged in opening up a new era of creative education for Cameroonian youths.